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Artvine (Vina) Torossian, Certified in WholeBeing Positive Psychology & Distruptive Strategy, natick, ma, instructor

"Leadership Development Institute - CSCA (Connecticut School Counselors Association) Governing Board Workshop and Talk. 'Stay True to Character' and 'Collective Significance' are the hallmarks of Karaka's work. When I served as Chairman of the Connecticut School Counselor Association, Karaka took my Governing Board members on a journey for their leadership training using the context of the four pillars: Lead, Love, Life and Health.

We processed the message of each pillar and connected it to the purpose of our organization. Vina guided our deep reflection through inspirational talks. She then provided us an activity in which we could explore each pillar.

If you are looking to uplevel your organization's leadership skills, I recommend using the Karaka method." -Eileen Melody, Chairman of CSCA Board

Certified in WholeBeing Positive Psychology & Distruptive Strategy

(781) 801-5136

Artvine (Vina) Torossian is the founder of KarakaLEAD and the Karaka Brand, which in Sanskrit means "to cause significance" individual and collective. Her company is a Leadership and Wellbeing lifestyle consulting firm, working with entrepreneurs, corporate teams associations and communities on their journey to achieve, self awareness, balance integration, loving relationships and healthy habits. The 4 pillars of Karaka are LEAD, LOVE, LIFE & HEALTH. Join her on this evolutionary movement, as we awaken to an era where we practice and see value in functioning collectively, as ONE. She will share with us some leadership concepts, on how to lead with authenticity, empathy, kindness and compassion. Her story took an entrepreneurial twist 5 years ago, after her pursuit of a Certificate in Distruptive Strategy from Harvard Business School and it led her to establish KarakaLEAD Inc and the creation of the brand Karaka.

Her company is behind the design and introduction of the following consulting and training programs:

• KarakaLEAD Yourself
• Stay True to Character
• Start From Spirit
• Collective Significance
• Restore Equilibrium
• LIFE Balance in 4
• The WHOLE Alphabet (Your path to Wholeness using the Alphabet)

In more recent years, Vina gave a TED talk at Bryant University on "Collective Significance" and further pursued her passion on whole living and happiness by getting her Certificate in Whole-being Positive Psychology.
Vina's other passions include reading, writing, walking and listening to music.

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