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Arthur D. Schwartz, Hypnotherapist, Author, Director of Integral Hypnosis, natick, ma, instructor

"After two sessions with Arthur I am completely cured of my fears and actually enjoy the experience now. I have just completed an overseas trip which was fantastic and it feels great to be in control and to have conquered my phobia...I have gone from being extremely anxious and feeling like I was risking my life to being able to enjoy the in flight entertainment and the whole experience in two relaxing wonderful sessions with Arthur. I feel like Arthur really enjoys his work. He definitely has a gift for working with the mind and I felt extremely relaxed from the get go. You only live once so why not live large and enjoy all the resources you have available to you without fear. I believe anyone who wants to fly without fear can do so with Arthur's help." -Graham Keane, Framingham, MA

"I just wanted you to know that your help has been completely successful so far - I have not bitten my fingers once since the first treatment! A few times I caught myself with my finger going towards my mouth, but gently reminded myself that I wasn't doing that anymore, and that was it!" -K.M., Woburn, MA

"Thank you so much for your help. I'd have to say without a doubt I am a complete believer in hypnotherapy. The contrast in what I was able to do this past week compared to the miserable feelings of dread that I endured in the past is nothing short of amazing. I only wish I had done this sooner." -F.J., Arlington, MA

"Hopefully you've met all...of my extended family for hypnosis sessions by now! People are abuzz about your "miracle" [weight loss] therapy!" -I.K., Belmont, MA

"The presentation went FANTASTIC!!...I managed to just focus and go - and it just flowed! I got a lot of good feedback from my team that it was right on. I also felt like I connected with the audience and wasn't just talking "at" them. Thank you - I'm really glad I called you!" -M.I., Norwood, MA

Hypnotherapist, Author, Director of Integral Hypnosis

(617) 964-4800

Arthur views his role as a hypnotherapist and philosophical counselor as being that of a facilitator for personal empowerment. Mental blocks on both conscious and subconscious levels can obstruct and sabotage personal happiness, success and well being. Hypnotic methods can help balance the subjective and conditioned processes of the subconscious with the analytical and self-conscious processes of the conscious mind. Conflicts and blockages can develop within and between both mental spheres, and the ultimate goal is to achieve a graceful harmony between them so as to empower positive change. This is as true for batting slumps and golfing woes as it is for overeating, anxiety, and other self-limiting patterns and behaviors.

A deep interest in philosophy and in the power of the mind to shape reality led Arthur to the field of hypnotism. The cross-fertilization of philosophy and hypnosis--or between conscious belief and subconscious belief, and in the relationship between philosophical perspectives and hypnotic reframing is a continuing interest both in terms of his practice and in his writing. The array of group sessions that Arthur organizes and facilitates includes creativity, peak performance, weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management, wellness, and more. He also conducts past life regressions, and discussions in philosophy, spirituality and mysticism.