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Anne Lafleur, Workshop Facilitator and Relationship Coach, natick, ma, instructor

"Anne has great energy. She is totally present with you, and you know she's not only listening to what you say, but really hearing you." -Rachael, Natick, MA

Workshop Facilitator and Relationship Coach

(857) 891-3006

When asked why I do what I do, the most honest answer I can give is this: I want people to love each other better. When we trust each other and treat each other well (and treat ourselves well, too) all sorts of good things happen.

My experiential workshops span a variety of topics, including emotions as a path to growth; generating love in the face of negativity; the art of giving and receiving; and more. I love working with groups, and giving people simple tools they can apply right away to situations that matter to them.

As for my background, I have a Bachelor's degree in psychology and religious studies from Brown University, and a Master's degree in Clinical Social Work from Boston College. I spent over a decade working in Human Resources at MIT, where I designed training programs for staff, and most recently served as Assistant Director of the Common Street Spiritual Center in Natick. I've also been profoundly impacted by personal growth seminars like LifeResults and Insight, and a list of other books, trainings and teachings too long to name.

My website/business has been slowly expanding over the past several years, and I blog there semi-regularly about life, love and learning. Please come visit it: