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Jing Yao , Professional Life Coach, natick, ma, instructor

"Jing Yao's coaching session raised my levels of understanding my goals and needs and extremely practical and empathetic suggestions for moving forward. The essential experience from my session was her open-hearted and loving gentleness in listening to all I shared, digesting my data, then shaping the positive avenues I could pursue. A+A+A+ from start to finish!" - R.B.

"It was a pleasure to have Jing Yao as a coach. Jing coached with gentleness and respect while getting right to the issues that needed addressing. She skillfully supported me in articulating my needs, and importantly, provided me with new ways in which to understand and make sense of those needs. Jing's coaching style is an excellent balance of intelligence and compassion with a heart." - V.B.

Professional Life Coach

(978) 551-2492


In a world of endless questions, Love is the only answer." - Matt Kahn

Love birthed us all with unique and magnificent gifts to enjoy the journey fully each step of the way and to share them with others.

For decades I lived under limiting and imprisoning beliefs which stifled my voice, suppressed my passion and creative expressions. I felt unworthy to experience prosperity and fulfilling relationships, and I tolerated conditions and circumstance in a survival mode. I played small, was stressed with struggles and concerns, and burnt out by ignorance of the care of the body and emotions. Then I opened up to Life's pedagogical and tender guidance through various healing modalities and simple transformative teachings and practices. I reclaimed the divine dignity and power within me as me day by day. Today I am at my best health condition, physical shape and energy level as I know, which enables me to enjoy my daily activities and my hobbies of ballroom dancing and hiking; I am in a profession that I am wholeheartedly passionate about, and I am relishing a financial freedom and satisfaction as never before; My relationships are more and more harmonious, enriching and synergistic. Most importantly, I feel an ever deeper sense of peace, freedom, gratitude and joy.

As a coach It is my absolute honor and privilege to offer my companionship to you by inspiring the Master within you to come out and play, so that you can manifest the magnificent well being that is your birthright, and to enjoy your freedom and the fulfillment of your life's mission on a daily basis.

About Jing

Jing is an iPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching) certified coach, an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). Her coaching expertise is coupled with her spiritual formation influenced by spiritual teachers such as Matt Kahn, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle and the channeled teachings of Jesus in "The Way of Mastery".

Jing grew up in China and received her postgraduate education in the United States. She embraces people of all backgrounds with kindness and respect. Her gifts encompass peaceful, non-judgmental presence, deep intuitive listening, and the ability to ask empowering questions, which provides her clients a safe and explorative space to tune in to their inner wisdom, and produce sustainable mental, emotional and behavioral shifts that expresses as greater health, happiness, creativity, abundance, enhanced relationships, and beyond.

Her own commitment to ever deepening growth and to live the most fulfilling reality of love each day enables her to faithfully accompany the journey of her clients to their highest good.


This is the time for you to bring up your challenges and what you are looking up, ask any questions you may have concerning the coaching process, and discern with my support if my coaching is the best fit for you.

1:1 coaching is typically done over the phone and the session length is 45 minutes. Coaching frequency is 2-4 times a month. During this time you receive my full attention and committed presence. This is the explorative space where healing, discovery, vision, play and the creation of simple and effective action plans take place, and more importantly there is fun and wonder.

Group size is usually 5-12. This type of coaching is very dynamic and diverse. The active participation and synergistic energy of the group helps facilitate amazing awareness and transformations.

I offer workshops to groups and organizations that are interested in the following topics:

•Time Management
•Effective Communication
•Stress Reduction and Self Care
•Discovering who you are and your life's purpose