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"Thank you so much for such a wonderful practice! Few hours felt like a week long retreat. You are an amazing teacher who awakened my inner self, helped to find a light within and discover deep relaxation. Looking forward to do this again." -M.S, Needham MA

with Lenna

Thursdays (on hold until further notice)
11:30 am—12:45 am


Join this beautiful guided meditation practice to feel your INNER PEACE, POTENCY OF YOUR OWN HEALING POWER, a deep sense of HARMONY and CONNECTION with your body, soul, and the surrounding world.

Yoga Nidra or Yogic Conscious Sleep is accessible to students of all levels as during the practice you will be laying or sitting in a position that is supported with props and is fully relaxing and comfortable.

In this nurturing, deeply relaxing and healing class I will gently guide you through the awareness of your body, breath, sense perception, and beautiful imagery into a deep meditative state in which you will directly access your INNER WISDOM, JOY, PEACE and CLARITY. You will feel held each step of the way and at no time will you find yourself left to worries and thoughts.

With Yoga Nidra is at the core of our class - during our time together - we will also explore a variety of mindfulness practices that will become empowering and loyal companions on your life's journey.

WHAT TO EXPECT:Relax, restore and experience what it's like to have a completely fresh start to your day ... or life

• Find yourself feeling cleansed and liberated

• Feel your creative energies unleashed

• Discover nurturing and supportive community


• Helps to eliminate/reduce insomnia, anxiety, depression and fatigue

• Strengthens the immune system

• Helps to eliminate/reduce headache, physical pains, and muscle tension

• Used by medical professionals in treatment for addictions and trauma/PTSD

• Proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels

This is a by donation class. Pay as you would like. All proceeds will be donated to Malawi Children's Mission in support of orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in Africa, where orphaned children are in dire need of proper nutrition, medical care, education, and emotional support. To learn more/donate directly, visit this website:

Contact Lenna for more information:

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