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Naturally Thriving - Free Mini Classes for Women in Perimenopause

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Naturally Thriving - Free Mini Classes for Women in Perimenopause, yoga classes, yoga studios, movement classes, children classes, monthly classes, roots and wings, natick, ma

Supporting the healing process and nurturing the self.

"Deepen your roots and spread your wings."

with Laura

Tuesdays (free and accessible through the Naturally Living Facebook Group: new mini class each week)
10:00—10:20 am


These short 15 - 20 min Classes are free, online, and on Tuesdays at 10am unless noted otherwise below. Join Laura's Free Facebook Group to access the classes:

August mini classes: Free via the Facebook Group:

Aug 9 - Brain Fog - Why This Happens in Menopause
You're not going crazy. Brain fog is one of the most common symptoms women experience as they go through the phases of menopause. Learn why this is happening NOW so you can take back control of your brain.

Aug 16 - Getting to the ROOT of your Brain Fog
Some women with foggy thoughts and lack of focus and motivation are told they are depressed and are given anti-depressants. If you are over the age of 40, it could be fluctuating hormones. Find out how to get to the ROOT of your Brain Fog and fix it at the source.

Aug 23 - What Your Brain Needs for Clarity and Focus
There is no such thing as quick fixes. Taking care of your brain from the inside out and addressing the root causes we discussed last week will allow your body and brain to extract, absorb and utilize the nutrients it needs for clarity and focus.

Aug 30 - Supplements that can help - and how to make them work better.
Supplements are only as good as the body's ability to absorb and utilize them. Learn how to optimize YOUR body so you get the most out of your supplements.

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