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"You are a wonderful addition to my world and I am truly so VERY glad I found you! I love your enthusiasm, your non judgemental attitude and your positive energy. I look forward to it every week more than I can put into words : ) "
- Marti

"You are very tuned in to the participants' energy; your classes combine breath, posture, flow and spirit in ways that feel very intuitive and nurturing. You're a very skilled teacher and a have a presence that's both powerful and transparent - such a gift!
- Deb, Monday yoga student

"You are such a delight and inspiration. Your voice and positive attitude calm my
nerves and refresh my spirit."
-Carroll H.

"I love that Maggie's class is different every time, because I strengthen muscles that (a) I didn't realize I had but are vital for an important function like balancing, and (b), I didn't even realize had weakened over the years."

with Maggie

Wednesdays (meets weekly in-person or remote, no class 8/7)
9:30—10:45 am


These classes are designed for you to land...deeply, deeply land. For you, to take space and time to dive into your body and into feeling, noticing and learning. For you to release the pain and tensions held in your body and to move in a way that provides healing and re-patterning. Within this exploration is movement and breathwork derived from the principles of yoga originally developed in India, including yoga poses (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and complete rest (savasana).

Physically, these classes help you to move better, feel better in your body, get stronger and become more flexible. As physical tensions release, you can use the space and time to drop deeper into exploring all that makes you human: joy, pain, love, sadness, grief, fear, compassion, hope, discomfort, ease, shame, wonder, etc. Allow your healing and wellness journey to be about the body as well as beyond.

As you explore more parts of yourself internally, you get to know how you live, move and operate in this world. As we move toward more health and wellness, we become more and more accountable-not solely for ourselves and what we need in our own wellness-but for our behavior in relation to all beings and how we operate in this world. We are humans on a "healing" journey path. In these classes, we can take the time to look deeply and honestly at our roots and explore much needed healing in body, mind, emotions, heart, relationships, family, and as part of the culture in which we belong. Through this process for the body and beyond, we have the opportunity to connect more deeply within ourselves and more deeply with each other.

Currently I am teaching "Hybrid" classes, which means you can attend class onsite, in-person (space is limited) or you can attend remotely via Zoom. Modifications and variations are taught to complement various physical abilities and body types. If you have any health or mental health issues that may affect you practice, please let me know in advance.

Please let me know if you are attending in person or on Zoom. In person, we meet in the Wings Studio. Remotely, we'll be using this zoom link:

Meeting ID, if needed, is: 809 960 838

To learn more or register contact Maggie:

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