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"Being in class with Angela and others who are seeking relief, connection, peace, dexterity, awareness in body, mind, heart/soul is the highlight of my week! Angela is always graciously direct in her focus while being lighthearted, joyful, and a constant committed partner and guide of the mind/body connections we are discovering moment by moment, movement by movement. You will find a new relationship with your body! It has totally changed my yoga practice and the way I enjoy moving and dancing!" -Trish

"Feldenkrais also awakens us to the subtle correspondences and conversations our inner and outer body have with each other." -Patricia

with Angela

Thursdays (remote classes weekly)
12:30—1:30 pm


Ready to uncover your potential? Come discover habits of moving and thinking which aren't serving you. Cultivate calmness, clarity, and joy. Join us!

The theme: connecting with your innate strength, the physical & mental resources you have just below the surface you've forgotten about.

Feldenkrais® offers a unique, profound way to examine and change your habitual and often limiting ways of moving and thinking. By attending to how you move, you'll discover how to improve the quality of your movement. The tools you'll use are: Your attention; Your breath; Your physical self

WHEN: Thursdays, 12:30-1:30 pm Eastern Time.
WHERE: Wherever you are! All you'll need for class:
• Access to the internet
• A computer, tablet, or smart phone
• A blanket to lie on or, sometimes, a chair
• Curiosity

COST: $25

To register, use this link:

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