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Rev. Nina Roe, Founder of, discovered her angels after leaving her high-powered corporate career to be home with her children. As a woman who knows first hand the lifestyle the angels help to create, she is passionate about teaching other inspired women and men how to communicate with the angels. Her story of transformation, "Storms, Stillpoints and Angels" was a hit in the bestselling anthology "A Juicy, Joyful Life" released in 2010. She is a cover author in the new bestselling anthology "Embracing Your Authentic Self" released in September of this year.

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Tea Room Conversation with Elvia Nina Roe

Why would anyone in their right mind communicate with the angels? What is there to gain when it seems there may be so much to lose? On the surface, it appears the best possible outcome is that no one will figure out that you’re “touched” and you can live a quiet existence hiding your secret relationship with the winged ones from your sister, best friend and most certainly, your partner. The worst possible outcome is that your loved ones find out that you DO talk to the angels and actually listen to their guidance. Once you’re “out of the closet,” the game has changed. You’re nuts.

I’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands, open up to the realization of their angels and the one thing they all share is this – there’s no going back. Once bitten by the angelitis bug, it feels like the Dalai Lama has moved in; you have access to consistent wisdom, compassion and joy 24/7.

Yes, some folks may falter. They may doubt and shy away from listening to their guidance once they’ve finished their journey with our classes, our work, but they always know deep down that there’s a better way. They know their angels are there for them because they’ve experienced that magic. It’s kind of like once you’ve experienced Christmas morning, the green flash at sunset or a shared bowl Phish Food ice cream with your loved one – your life has changed. Forever.

So who are the angels really, and what do they represent? What I teach is that they are within you as well as outside of you. They are the part of you that is free of fear, doubt and ego draining influences. I teach that the wings represent your ability to rise above the ties that bind and freely access divine love, joy, abundance and all things good. It’s your ability to dialogue with the essence of God.

Angels are traditionally known to be messengers of God. What’s a message? It is a type of vibration. Because the angels are messengers of pure goodness, this is the vibration they summon within you and also bring to you as you consciously intend to work with them. The vibrations of love, joy, abundance, wisdom, compassion, grace.

How you get there and interact with your angels is a process we teach to get you in tune with your senses. How you experience those senses is unique to you. This is where Truth comes into play, because Truth is your relationship with your soul’s mission and divine reason for being here. Your angels guide you to a life aligned with who you really are and what you’re really meant to be. (Living testament to this... neither my high school English teacher nor I would ever have predicted I’d be a best-selling author, which is exactly what my angels helped me become!)

So why angels? If you’re yearning to be more connected with love, joy, abundance and all things good, if you desire to live in alignment with your life purpose, if you desperately need to understand your relationship to life...that’s why angels.

P.S. Friends and family who are meant to follow you as you take the “angel turn” will continue to support you and you may grow even closer as they witness your contagious happiness!

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