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Healing From the Core:
Full Body Presence, Grounding and Healthy Boundaries

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Tea Room Conversation, Roots and Wings Yoga and Healing Arts

Angela truly walks her talk as a Healing from the Core Certified Instructor as she guides others through this deeply transformative process. Drawing from her personal healing journey of recovery from PTSD, Angela has refined her experience to provide an expertise that touches everyone.

Angela has a way of connecting with her students through real life experiences that both clarify concepts and enhance the student's own healing process. She brings laughter, movement and her experience as an OTA to create a rich and meaningful environment for the entire group. Angela believes in the power of the human spirit to create a world-wide connection of love and compassion. In her own words, "My goal as an Instructor is to share the profound and powerful course principles and techniques that support creating this healthy connection."

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Tea Room Conversation with Angela Stevens

Do you walk through life feeling a sense of connection or disconnection? Or do you feel overwhelmed by life because you feel you are not capable of keeping up with the pace with which life is moving? Or perhaps you feel out of touch with everything you are experiencing as you move through each day? Do you feel exhausted at the end of the day and you do not understand why? Are you sensitive to and affected by the emotions, attitudes, and energy of the people you interact with?

Living the 21st century experience requires learning new skills that support us in understanding that we are not merely physical matter, but that we are energy pressed into matter. As we become more consciously aware of this energy principle we can no longer live a linear existence of separatism. Our roll as energy beings requires us to understand and begin experiencing that this energy is in constant connection with all other energy. We are all one and learning the skills to manage this energetic connection is imperative to our evolution versus extinction.

If you have been thinking that you need to learn a different way of being in life—a way that will give back to you as much or even more than it seems to take—learn how to manage the ocean of energy to enhance life, instead of that energy managing you and causing life to feel difficult and challenging. It is possible to feel that you can maintain a sense of presence that allows you a sensation of strength, purpose, steadiness, and resilience.

The experience of Full Body Presence can be life changing. It is an opportunity to experience the sensation of being deeply connected to and present with yourself and others in a way that is nourishing and healthy. With Full Body Presence, you can explore the importance of being present in the moment with life and yourself so you can have the fullest experience of aliveness in your personal as well as your professional life endeavors.

Full Body Presence as a paradigm shift, and opportunity to explore the following:

• The five basic principles of Full Body Presence that identify key concepts about the invisible energy dynamics of the universe

• Exercises focused on how to be more aware of your connection to your body and its internal wisdom so you can receive information about what it needs to be deeply nurtured

• Experiential exercises to create healthy energy boundaries so you can discern what is healthy and unhealthy for you in life

• The importance of full body presence to the therapeutic presence used in any form of professional health care setting and how it enhances the therapeutic relationship and the outcomes

• How to use breath and movement to bring increased body connection and awareness

• How to be present with others without being impacted by their emotions, energy field, or attitudes

This October, Full Body Presence comes to Roots & Wings. Angela Stevens joins us from the west coast, to share her gifts in this 4-day workshop, 10/23-10/26. To learn more, check out the Healing From the Core website: or call Upledger Institute: 800-233-5880 or locally: Jen Richards: 508-932-3086

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