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Tea Room Conversation, Roots and Wings Yoga and Healing Arts

My goal is to help more people live healthier lives with a feeling of spaciousness and vibrancy. My own personal journey of healing and transformation began at a young age. I went from chronic illness and fatigue in my teens and early 20s - an unsolvable case for conventional doctors - to vibrant health through the help of alternative healing modalities & techniques. I discovered the importance of taking responsibility for my own health and my role in it. This experience sowed the seeds for my work today.

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Tea Room Conversation with Kristin Lewis

A couple years ago I was helping take care of infant twins. While Luke would go to sleep with a little gentle rocking and singing, Olive wanted to be rocked roller coaster style – big, fast swinging. As they grew, Luke began climbing and walking at a very young age, and Olive was content to sit still and developed her talking skills. They came out of the same belly, having grown together at the same time, and yet they are individual and unique.

Like a snowflake, you are uniquely and independently you, and you are also part of a greater whole. You are not separate from the air around you, the plants growing outside your window, the people who live next door, your family or even the moon and the ocean. You are a complex and unique product of all of your life experiences and the conclusions you made from them.

There are many more dynamics influencing your body than you can see. I’m sure this sounds familiar to you. In your own bodymind system, your emotions, for example, affect your level of wellbeing.

You’ve probably experienced a time when you were very stressed and it affected your physical health – perhaps you weren’t digesting well, or you got a cold. These two elements, stress and digestion or immune function, are not physically or obviously connected. However, experientially, you know they are connected.

This is why you can experience disease as a result of unprocessed emotions, for example, or an emotional clearing as a result of certain muscles releasing. When you do not fully experience and process emotions or experiences, you store them in your body. If you store up enough, eventually your body starts to demonstrate this unease or dis-ease on a physical level. Your bodymind system is calling your attention to a need for processing and clearing out. There are many ways to get at the roots of issues or ailments, whether they are a common cold, migraines, a simple backache or stress. BodyTalk is a broad and effective holistic healthcare system that uses your unique bodymind complex as the guide to healing. Using muscle checking to identify, on all levels, what is getting in the way of your wellbeing, each BodyTalk session brings you more into alignment with your body’s natural state of healing and wellbeing.

You have your own unique make-up, and BodyTalk identifies the unique factors affecting your health. Each system, cell and atom in your body is in constant communication with each other. Through the stresses of life, these communications become sluggish or dis-connected. BodyTalk repairs compromised communications within your body, activating your innate healing wisdom, addressing symptoms, and establishing lasting patterns of good health. The ideal result is that you come into the most dynamic point of balance within your bodymind complex, easily and gracefully responding to life’s challenges.

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