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Christine Conway, 'life design expert', has been helping individuals for more than a decade transform their lives. Christine uses a blended approach from her expertise as a life coach, feng shui expert, law of attraction enthusiast and twenty-nine years in corporate America to assist conscious minded individuals who are ready to create their own amazing home life, love life and work life.

Christine is known internationally for her unique approach to helping transform lives - from wondering if life is supposed to be this difficult to feeling happy, fulfilled and empowered!

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Tea Room Conversation with Christine Conway

Often times people get so down about their lives. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Things happen in their lives and they instantly go to the negative and the bad luck of the situation vs being grateful for all the positive things they still have.

It's a lot easier to fall into the blame game; blaming everyone for the life you have vs the life you want to live or think you should be living.

Maybe you get laid off from your job and all of a sudden you can't believe it you lost your job. That job was everything to you, now that you have lost it. You talk about how unfair life is and why was it you that got laid off. But prior to losing your job, getting up every day and going, you complained about the job, you complained about the pay, and you complained about your co-workers. You see it's all your perception and how you look at things.

When you had your job you didn’t like or it appeared you didn’t like it by the negative things you constantly said. But when you lost your job, the story changed.

Perhaps if you were more positive about your job in the first place, you may not have lost it. And since you did lose it, now may be a great time to take a look at your perception on life and what you really want. How can the universe possibly deliver to you what you want, if you don’t know and you are not clear?

Take responsibility for all your decisions and choices in life. Show the universe that you are ready and willing to look at life with a positive attitude. One of the first steps to enhance your life and really begin to shift your energy and your thoughts is through the use of the ancient Chinese practice known as Feng Shui. Feng Shui totally changed my life from a single, corporate, not loving myself woman to a married, self-employed and tons of love for myself, woman.

I’m sharing with you in the Tea Room conversation today a few feng shui tips that are simple changes that you can begin to make, that will help you to change your perception. No matter where you are in life, we all want to make it to the next step. If we don’t progress in life, than we regress. Feng Shui has proven to be a great way to support yourself to get you to that next positive level.

To help with the shift in your perception, try these Feng Shui tips:
1) close the lid on the toilets to symbolically stop draining any positive energy
2) bring new opportunities into your life by using your front door, even if it's just on the weekends
3) remove any items from your home that you don't love or you may feel obligated to keep

This is just a start and by shifting the energy in your home, you will begin to shift your own energy.

Changing your thoughts and your perception may be the best thing that ever happened to you!

love, light & blessings,

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