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Stepping Stones: finding your path, with the help of Reiki

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Tea Room Conversation, Roots and Wings Yoga and Healing Arts

Susan's ongoing passion for health and healing has led her to Reiki. As a Reiki Master Teacher, she desires to share Reiki and educate as many people as possible in this tested form of healing. Susan believes that healing on all levels physical, emotional and spiritual start from within. Once you have faith in yourself, your natural ability to heal and grow, you can achieve amazing results.

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Tea Room Conversation with Susan Clark

Stepping Stones: Something used as a way to progress to something or somewhere else.

We often need a little help getting to where we are going, figuratively and literally. Stepping Stones are an essential tool to navigate our way through life. Imagine…You are on a hike in the lush and beautiful countryside, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature, when you see an inviting peaceful meadow of wild flowers: a perfect resting place during your adventurous day. However, a gentle flowing stream is blocking you from getting to this wonderful oasis. You notice a sense of sadness because you do not know how to proceed across the stream. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you see a string of rocks creating a path to the other side. These are your Stepping Stones: your key to tranquility and a way to get to the other side.

Stepping Stones is what Reiki is all about, too. I have used Reiki as my Stepping Stones, helping me along my soul's journey and offering me the opportunity to continue reaching for my ever-changing goals and dreams.

Below are the Stepping Stones that Reiki offers, that have helped me and many people along many different and unique paths.

Balance: Reiki is a path to bring about balance in my busy life. Many of you can relate to the crazy state of life that seems to move faster and faster as the calendar pages turn. We all have commitments and obligations that are stressful and throw us out of balance, such as over-flowing laundry, dusty floors, grocery shopping, deadlines to meet at work, bills to pay, relationships to foster, and family to take care of. Taking as little as 3 minutes in the morning to give yourself a blast of balancing Reiki for the day will jump start your day in being productive,joyful and positive.

Meditation: Reiki is a bridge to meditation. It helps me to efficiently and effectively drop into a meditative state with ease. It seems my mind is always on and running and I have a hard time turning off my brain (or “the monkey mind” as it is referred too). Using Reiki, and feeling the flow of energy that comes with it, is an easy and soothing way to enter meditation. It clears my mind in minutes, allowing me to enjoy the benefits of meditation stress free.

Health & Wellness: Reiki is the stepping stone that connects Western medicine of today with Holistic medicine where we consider the whole person: body, mind and spirit. Reiki is recognized and offered as a healing tool in many academic hospitals across the country and worldwide. It is used for treatments for cancer patients, pre- and post-surgery, mental health, rehabilitation efforts and many other areas of modern medicine. Reiki creates a path to traditional medicine and health and wellness..

Personal & Spiritual Growth: No matter how old we are we are always growing and becoming who we are meant to be. Reiki is a Stepping Stone that leads us back home to the true essence of who we are and helps us to continue to grow and learn the truth that sustains us. Reiki is our spiritual connection to the Divine Source often labeled as God. It creates a path that is the most basic, yet most powerful and renews our faith. This is the ultimate goal, our awaking, the ability to share a life of love and the gratitude that follows.

Reiki is a simple but powerful tool…A Stepping Stone. It has the flexibility and strength to build a foundation for your optimal health and well being. It is easy to learn and to apply to your daily life and is the Stepping Stone for creating your dreams.

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