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Choosing to Be Queen: The Emerging Leadership of Women’s Power and Compassion

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Tea Room Conversation, Roots and Wings Yoga and Healing Arts

JaiKaur is passionate about how a woman's relationship with her soul and destiny deliver practical and powerful wisdom, strength, and courage to navigate life's challenges with grace, grit, and gratitude.

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Tea Room Conversation with JaiKaur LeBlanc

In the Orient, ancient wisdom holds women as “The Adi Shakti”, Sanskrit meaning “the power which creates all”. Given how woman both contain and are the vehicle for all life human, this understanding of women’s powerful depth and dimension is indeed wisdom, even if wisdom not honored. At one time in human history, women’s powerful service as “the grace of god” was revered, and in our time, honoring women has disintegrated into the denigration of women as well as the destruction of the (feminine) Earth. Now, as the Age of Separation ends and the Age of Illumination begins, women’s partnership of divinity and destiny is being called forth for leadership, through empowered compassion, in tending the wounds of not only themselves as women, but their relationships with men as well.

A women carries within herself a lineage of pain and anger from centuries of her ancestor’s powers being feared by men, fueling not only the destruction of women, but men’s relationships with women and the Earth also. The challenge for contemporary women is to heal the historical patterns of pain and anger they carry within, and to transform “power over” into “compassion with”. What will make this possible? When women choose again to be Queen in how they lead their life. Claiming yourself as Queen is claiming the stage of mid-life power and service missing from the Western model of women’s role progression from child, maiden, mother (Queen) and crone.

So how does a woman claim herself as Queen? Simple....she remembers she is Adi Shakti......the power that creates all. A Queen honors her unique wisdom, strengths, and leadership as fundamental to the happiness and health of not only her life, but all she serves. She remembers a Queen’s relationship with her heart and soul is not simply an entry on her to-do lists, nor does she hand the sacred right of claiming “what is true” over to authority outside herself. A Queen honors her body as the multi-sensory temple is it for receiving guidance and support from the sacred realms. A Queen remembers she is never alone, for within her is the presence of her heart and soul as well as all in the unseen realms that care and tend to her. And a Queen knows a community of women is critical for her well-being and for her role as the guardian for all life.

Being born a woman is a destiny of leadership through inspiration, healing, and embodied compassion for meeting the challenges and changes of our world. Throughout the ages, the strength of a nation was known by their reverence for women and the presence of women’s wisdom for guiding the nation. The age we are entering is calling upon women’s leadership, powers, and compassion for guiding our world through challenges our minds alone cannot meet. It is a time calling upon our deepest wisdom and power, the infinity of our heart and soul, with women’s mastery of mystery, leading our way. It is the time for healing through reverence, the pain and anger all women carry, our relationships with men, and our relationship with our Earth.  

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