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Ann and Mark are partners in New Possibilities Coaching and in the extraordinary life they have committed to creating together as husband and wife.

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Author: Ann Ide

Does love exist? This may seem like a ridiculous question. I’m actually not going to refute that love exists. I certainly believe it does. In fact, I believe that each of us is love.

What I want to offer is a subtle, yet powerfully useful distinction about love (and everything else, for that matter).

When we think of love, it’s very common to think of it as a thing, like you have it or you don’t, or you’ve found it or you haven’t. It makes it feel like something that’s out of your control, doesn’t it? It just is or isn’t. How does that feel?

Try this instead. Think about love as a process, as a verb rather than a noun, as something you do rather than something you have. It may sound a bit odd, but for the sake of my point, think about, “How can I do love?”

What I’m getting at is that you create love, just like you create everything else. And you create it by being love, by loving. Not waiting for it to happen or expecting it to be there because vows were made. In our wedding ceremony, my husband and I vowed to create love newly every day. This March will be our 21st anniversary, and we’re still creating it, as we promised, with magnificent results.

So what about joy and inner peace? Same thing! Don’t just wait for them to happen or not. Create it! You have the creative power of your mind and imagination, and with it you can do this.

New Possibilities For You

Here are some simple techniques you can try to create what you want to feel:

• Ever go to a movie and get caught up in the feelings of the characters? That happened because your imagination became engaged. What inner movie can you create by either remembering something from your past or imagining a future to look forward to that will stimulate the feelings you desire? Want to feel joy? Remember a happy time. Want to feel inner peace? Think about a place that’s a peaceful sanctuary for you.

• Here’s a fun, simple trick. Want to feel good? Make yourself smile. Hold that smile and your mind-body can’t help but create a smiling feeling. Try it for yourself, and you’ll see!

• Want to create love? Then start being loving, noticing love, noticing what you love, appreciating love, and loving yourself in any way that you can find.

If these are difficult for you to do, or if you want even more ways to be in control of how you feel moment to moment regardless of external circumstances, then please join us in our 13 week New Possibilities Group Coaching Program, here at Roots and Wings, beginning March 24th.

We’ll personally teach, coach and support you in being able to claim and experience your power as a creator of your experience rather than being at the effect of it, and to gain the capabilities to manage your thoughts and emotions and beliefs. These are the means through which you create what you want, or what you don’t want. Join us to become all that you’re meant to be, and all that you truly are – love and joy and all possibilities!

Go here for all the details, then contact Ann to make sure this is a fit for you:

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