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Supporting the healing process and nurturing the self.

"Deepen your roots and spread your wings."

"I have found spiritual solace many times in life: in practicing yoga, in swimming in the ocean, in nursing my babies, in having heart-to-hearts with interesting people."
- Rebekah Carter 2009
(facebook notebook excerpt from 25 Random things about Me)

Our community member and fellow yogi, Rebekah Carter, has been hospitalized in critical condition since late February following an emergency surgery. She has been so strong through this ordeal and will have to continue to strive with everything she's got to get back the full, active, spiritual and fun-filled life she always lives.

Rebekah has two beautiful sons, whom she loves and shares adventures, laughter and lessons with every day. Seeing them is seeing what a wonderful mother she is. She has spoken with heart-bursting pride and adoration for her boys and when she smiles at them; you know it's with a mixture of love and wonderment at the young men they are becoming. She is truly an inspiring mother.

In addition to being a nurturing mom, Rebekah is a faithful friend to more people than you can count. But what is really amazing is that her friends are so varied in lifestyles, locales, ages, race- she is a wonder in her ability to reach across to so many types of people and connect them in compassionate and exciting ways. Rebekah loves to bring people out of their comfort zones; but she does it in such a supportive way- you are skydiving before you realize it.

Rebekah works for the Wayland Housing authority and at a local women's shelter. She often comments with glee that she gets to 'cuddle babies tonight!" as she gives mothers a break and holds their babies for them when working at the shelter. It's not work for her though, she loves it, and she has dedicated herself to assisting and strengthening families in need in our community for more than ten years!

Although Rebekah will be able to return to her jobs once she's better, she will not be earning any income during her hospitalization and rehabilitation. Her family and friends have set up a fund to assist her and her sons during the coming months so she can focus her energy on recovering and not add a financial crisis to her list of worries.

Your support will help her immeasurably and is sure to funnel back into the community through her good work and deeds once she's all better. It will also allow her to continue to brighten our lives with her joy, compassion, wit, endless ideas and enthusiasm..and to once again practice yoga with us!

Thank you so much for your support.

Please make donations payable to the "Rebekah Carter Fund"

Mail or bring to the following bank:
Sovereign Santander
12 Front Street
Ashland, MA 01721