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Sandy Corcoran, M.Ed., CDC, AOBTA, psych-k soul-retrievals earthpath-charts tarot dream-analysis counseling-and-coaching energy-work intuitive-work, yoga studios, roots and wings, natick, ma

Sandy Corcoran, M.Ed., CDC, AOBTA
(508) 435-2681

Gena Rider, energy-work, yoga studios, roots and wings, natick, ma

Gena Rider
(508) 277-8324

Penny Rosenzweig, energy-work counseling-and-coaching, yoga studios, roots and wings, natick, ma

Penny Rosenzweig
(508) 667-8800

Anu Gulati, energy-work, yoga studios, roots and wings, natick, ma

Anu Gulati
(617) 965-1216


Energy Work, bodywork, energy work, therapeutic counseling, metaphysical counseling

Supporting the healing process and nurturing the self.

"Deepen your roots and spread your wings."

Energy Sessions are facilitated by an energy worker, who uses one or several modalities that are based on ancient practices and drawn from recent research also. Practitioners who facilitate energy sessions work with the energy flow in or around the human body to restore balance on all levels, thereby enabling the physical body to heal itself. Negative blocks and beliefs in your energy field can result in any number of mental, emotional, spiritual or physical problems. By working with the body's energetic system an energy worker can help you release these negative blocks and thoughts which can restore whole-person balance and wellbeing.