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Land Acknowledgement

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When we acknowledge history and how it has shaped us today, we recognize our world beyond ourselves and our families and the present-day people. We ask ourselves: How is it that we live, work and play in the way that we do today, and on this land? What is this land’s history? What is the story of Indigenous people who have lived here in the past and continue to live here now? In the context of our practices at Roots & Wings, we ask: What are the origins of healing arts practices and how have the practices emerged.

Acknowledgments go beyond recognizing and understanding colonialism both in a historical context and how it continues today in modern times. We are part of a complex whole, with ancestral roots. We acknowledge our responsibility with what we carry forward as we become ancestors. It is our work to be accountable in our relationship to each other and to all beings, and to the land—in the past, in current times and in the future.