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Our mission is to initiate programs and expand access to wellness services that enhance the quality of our living through individual sessions, classes, workshops, and community events.

One example of a Branching Out initiative is the Courageous Art of Living and Dying (CALD) program. This program seeks to cultivate curiosity, conversations, and connections about our mortality by raising awareness, providing support, resources, community outreach, and education about end-of-life issues.

It is nearing the end of 2023, and there is enormous brutality, upheaval, and fear in this vulnerable world. Through Branching Out, we have created Free Communal, Connection Offerings. Our hope is that, together, we find a way to get through each moment and each day. May you find courage, nourishment, or moment of solace in the offerings that call to you.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, a Branching Out initiative manifested, which is our podcast TAPPROOT. People confined to their homes, frontline workers and their stressed family members, loved ones separated from each other, and those struggling with the corona virus can access the wisdom, tools and practices from our healing arts practitioners--experts across many disciplines.

Another Branching Out initiative is the Courageous Art of Living and Dying (CALD) program. Branching Out seeks to support individuals who would benefit from the supportive healing arts services and classes offered through Roots & Wings, and who are experiencing financial hardship and/or particularly challenging personal or family stress. Branching Out makes priority for and provides a safe place and supportive services to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

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