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Supporting the healing process and nurturing the self.

"Deepen your roots and spread your wings."

Akashic Records Readings, Sound Healing, Chakra Clearing, Tune Up Your Spirit Workshops, Seasonal Rituals

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Janet Kessenich is an Akashic Records reader, sound/energy healer, and workshop facilitator whose insight and skills help bring you into connection and alignment with Spirit, your Essence, so that you can more easily and effortlessly experience the life you're meant to live - a harmonious, empowered life full of meaning, purpose, satisfaction, and joy.

For over twenty years, Janet has helped people with a variety of physical, mental, and emotional issues, including stress, anxiety, illness, depression and trauma as well as spiritual issues such as feeling powerless, unworthy (low self-esteem), disconnected, or disengaged.

Whether you're experiencing a specific challenge or simply want to grow and expand into the fullness of who you really are, each of Janet's modalities can help you shift and transform so that you feel:
• Healthier, with a stronger sense of well-being
• Self-aware and self-accepting
• Connected with Essence/Spirit
• Empowered within yourself, in your relationships, in your work and activities.
• Better able to cope with whatever comes along

Janet's readings, energy sessions, workshops, and rituals are currently available both in person and online.

Akashic Records Readings: The Akashic Records are the spiritual dimension that holds your soul's archive. Readings address your questions about your life path, the significance of an encounter or event, a relationship, and more. The Records can bring illumination to what your future possibilities are and also offer suggestions about specific issues.

Sound Healing/Chakra Balancing Energy Treatments: Is your energy stuck? Do you feel disempowered? Do you find yourself getting in your own way? Are you ready to move forward in your spiritual development? Using the powerful vibration of tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, rain sticks, and rattles in combination with a deep chakra clearing/balancing modality, Janet will re-calibrate your energy so you'll feel revitalized and empowered. She will address your issues and needs and personalize a treatment for your highest well-being.

Tune Up Your Spirit Workshops: These workshops guide and inspire you to incorporate spirituality into your everyday life - in tune with yourself and the Divine. Janet uses a tapestry of self-exploration, group discussion, sound healing, and a variety of experiences to deepen your connection with your soul, so you can live a more insightful, connected, meaningful, and satisfying life. Workshops explore themes such as, "Living from Your Heart," and "Rest, Restore, Renew: The Power of Silence."

Seasonal Rituals to honor the Solstices and Equinoxes: Coming together in community (whether in person or on zoom), we honor the natural transition points between seasons. Releasing the past season, intentionally stepping into the next one, we stay connected to Nature's rhythms and cycles. Rituals include a group sound healing and chakra clearing, intention setting, and Divination for the upcoming season.

Schedule Akashic Records Readings and Sound/Energy healing treatments with Janet @ See below for current workshops and rituals.


Janet Kessenich, M.M. uses her intuitive skills, healing modalities, and extensive teaching experience in all aspects of her work. She began her business, Spiral Energies, in 1998 when she left her professional life as a pianist and eurhythmics teacher and followed her leading to enter the world of spirituality and healing.

Janet has trained in the Akashic Records work through the program created by renowned Reader Linda Howe. Her intuitive skills also come into play in her healing practice as she listens to the chakra energy system and helps clients discern root causes of their dis-ease.

Though no longer an active musician, Janet carries the essence of music - vibration - into her healing work by using the Acutonics tuning forks system and other instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, drums, rattles, and rain sticks in her treatments.

Additionally, Janet is trained at the Master level in the Divine Oneness (LuMarian) chakra healing modality, Master of Masters level in Reiki (with Libby Barnett), and has studied Pranic healing.

As a life-long teacher, Janet brings a depth of experience to her workshops and trainings, leading students and participants into a variety of rich learning experiences and self-discovery.

Leading seasonal rituals has been a part of Janet's work for over ten years. She is dedicated to bringing community together and draws on her love of ritual as a means of staying connected to each other and to Nature and the Divine.

She is the author of Music Lessons for the Spirit, a collection of essays drawn from

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