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Sandy Corcoran, M.Ed., CDC, AOBTA, Metaphysical Counselors, yoga studios, roots and wings, natick, ma

"To live the truth encoded in us is our individual obligation and our birth right."

"To grow our truth through uncovering that which no longer serves is our individual responsibility."

Integrative Counselor, Shamanic Teacher, Theta Coach and Thoth Tarot Reader

(508) 435-2681


Tarot sessions can be booked remotely. Otherwise all other sessions are in person.

I am an integrative counselor, shamanic facilitator, dreamer and writer who has trained or been certified in both modern and ancient healing paradigms-such as Psych-K, Biofield Tuning and soul retrievals. The potency of these techniques are being proven today by studies in epi-genetics, quantum physics and esoteric spirituality practices.

Author of Shamanic Awakening: Inner Traditions/Bear & Co, and the meditative CD, Souled Out. I offer a variety of workshops, Thoth tarot readings and private healing sessions both nationally and internationally.

I have been blessed to be mentored and instructed by a wide variety of indigenous wisdom-keepers and scientifically diverse teachers, for the past 35 years. These teachings have taken me throughout North, South and Central America, England, Ireland, France, Italy, Turkey, Greece and Egypt. To that end I bring small groups yearly on pilgrimages to some of these sacred sites, so participants can experience themselves in new and unique ways.

I would be honored to work with you, in whatever capacity, so you can experience a more fulfilling life. If you wish to change your story, you have to be willing to change your script.

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