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Yoga Studio, yoga studios, bodywork

Supporting the healing process and nurturing the self.

"Deepen your roots and spread your wings."

Comments about Lisa Megidesh

"In Lisa's classes at Center for Yoga and now at Roots & Wings, community is formed. We start the classes so chatty and so energized by seeing one another - yoga buddies who have developed a special bond. We love welcoming new class participants who quickly become a part of our class family.

"Lisa puts on the music, centers us, and we move through our practice with a lightness of spirit, with what Lisa calls, "effortless effort," as she reminds us, even in long holding postures, to "Smile," to, "Be playful," to, "Be curious," and to not judge ourselves.

"As we get deeper and deeper into our practice, silence emerges, bringing us to our final guided relaxation. This is a time of peace and surrender, a time to integrate our practice. Beautiful readings are often shared and the loving, warm energy of the class is so moving.

"I am so grateful to experience both the Kripalu and Hatha Flow styles of yoga. The two styles support me in different ways; but the communities I inhabit are both very important to me. Though I can listen and participate with many of my yoga DVD's, downloads, etc., the human element is one that I have learned to cherish, as we grow together in our humanity."
- Rosanne Kates

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