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Starr Potts,(she/her), Metaphysical Counselors, yoga studios, roots and wings, natick, ma

"There is a radiance in each of us
could we but see it,
And to see,
We have only to hold our heads high and look."
-Unknown author

Integrative body-oriented psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner & transpersonal growth consultant

(508) 655-8331

Starr has been privileged to accompany and guide people in clearing blocks, defining, embodying and living their best dreams for more then 30 years. She works holistically with individuals, couples and groups, weaving traditional and alternative mind-body-spirit oriented psychotherapies, shamanic and energy healing, and life dream coaching to create desired change.

Starr is passionate about offering a variety of approaches to assist personal growth. These tools are merely doorways for helping to find our way, discover our gifts, clear the obstacles and shine our unique light in the world. Each path is as unique and deep as the traveler who seeks it. There is not just one way up the mountain.

A clinical social worker, Starr has trained extensively in mind-body therapies some of which include: Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness, EMDR, Energy Psychology; TAT, TFT/EFT, hypnosis/guided imagery & dream work.

She also offers shamanic and energy healing work informed by her studies in Incan, Tibetan, Native American, esoteric cranial sacral, massage & energy healing traditions as well as her training as a shamanic teacher with Sandra Ingerman. She is a certified Dream Coach and also offers life coaching.

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