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"Over the 3 years I have known and received treatments from Andi, I have always had the confidence that, regardless of my discomfort or ailment, Andi would be a calm listener and a gentle healer. Andi shares more than just her skills in each and every session. She has the most warm and comforting bedside manner needed when the discomfort is psychological or spiritual. I trust and care for Andi because she so wonderfully cares for me."

"I wanted to pursue acupuncture for pain management. Andi helped me realize my goal of getting off pain meds and becoming pain free in 3 short months. As a breast cancer survivor, she was able to reduce post surgical swelling by getting the lymphatic fluids moving again. I cannot see my life without acupuncture in it. I cannot say enough great things about working with Andi!"

Flower Essences Practitioner

(617) 965-1216

Anu Gulati is a certified energy practitioner, specializing in family energy dynamics and emotional healing.

She has nearly a decade of experience helping clients improve their relationships, set healthy boundaries, and manifest their dreams. Drawing on positive psychology, the tradition of her spiritual heritage, and extensive energy training, Anu focuses on wildflower infusions called flower essences to help her clients heal the impact of their family background. In working energetically with their past, they can change the present and create a more desirable future.

Born and raised in India, Anu came to the U.S. to do her Ph.D in economics. After a career in international finance and teaching, Anu found her real passion in teaching people to thrive (not just survive). Her first non-business book, Heal Your Roots: Uncover the Family Patterns That Hold You Back will be released this year.


Flower essences are a form of energy medicine that creates sustainable change. First discovered by a British surgeon in the 1930s, they have been around for almost a hundred years now. Essences are infusion of wildflowers that carry the healing emotional energy of the flower. When we take flower essences, they shift the thoughts and emotions that keep us in a tight grip.


During a session, Anu listens to the issues you are dealing with and identifies the message your emotions are sending you. While awareness is the first step of change, we want to shift these emotional patterns and release their triggers. Seven flower essences are chosen that will help shift the way these emotions live in you. The consultation includes a customized 30ml bottle of flower essences sent to you. This bottle of flower essences, uniquely created for you, is designed to empower you from within, building on the insights of the consultation.

At the end of the consultation, you will understand the emotional layers that are present for you in the issue you are grappling with. After finishing the bottle of flower essence a few weeks later, you will notice that your thought patterns have shifted. You will feel gently supported and calmer, and will have new insights that give you clear direction about what you should do next with this issue. This will leave you feeling more confident about the actions you can take moving forward.

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