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Kimberlee Williams, Customized Diversity Training and Coaching, natick, ma, instructor

"You are amazing Kim - changing the world one white woman at a time!" -Debby Irving, author of Waking Up White

"I have learned so much from Kim and Denise. As a white woman who wants to be a good ally, I appreciate their patience in teaching and coaching about race. It has helped me become more aware, to be better at supporting my black colleagues and friends, and has pushed me to be more active in challenging racism. - Carol

"My most important take home lesson from Kimberlee: White people have a choice: they can turn away when confronted with a racist incident, or they can act. This is the essence of White Privilege. People of color do not have a choice. Living in a culture based on white supremacy is their everyday experience." -Laura H

"Kimberlee is warm and inviting, honest and funny, and tells the truth. She has a gift for sharing tough truths about racism with white people, with humor and love, and for teaching skill-building for compassionate anti-racist action." -IF

Customized Diversity Training and Coaching


REMOTE OFFERINGS DURING THIS TIME: Discounted one-to-one phone sessions available through August. Cost $60 for one hour. If you would like to see if working with Kimberlee is right for you, schedule your free 15 minute consultation.

Kimberlee's bio: Born in the nation's capital, a hub of diversity, Kimberlee has had a heart for the perceived underdog for as long as she can remember.

Growing up around communities filled with diversity of every kind, she frequented conversations, workshops, and events where topics of equity and inclusion were explored at great lengths and in depth. Kimberlee now lives in Massachusetts with her partner and continues in this work with groups and one on one in her coaching practice.

After teaching and participating in diversity initiatives for school communities for 14 years, Kimberlee branched out and started doing this work in the greater community. Presenting at local and national conferences on topics of social justice and inclusion, Kimberlee has always sought opportunities for personal and professional growth and brought that same magic to her workshops and events.

After attending a workshop designed to bring White women together to communicate with Black women, Kimberlee realized that there was a need for White women to hear from Black women and to have the opportunity to engage in discussions that bring healing, growth, and genuine connection. After offering this workshop to a cohort of women that made tremendous strides in their cultural competencies, she knew that offering the workshop and coaching opportunities to the greater community was the right thing to do. So, she is inviting you to sit down for a candid, warm, and fun conversation that will leave you wanting more and feeling motivated to reach for your own goals of cultural competence and growth.