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Dip Into the Well Gathering, Roots & Wings, events, workshops, yoga studio, Natick, MA

Supporting the healing process and nurturing the self.

"Deepen your roots and spread your wings."

with Dawn

Thursdays (next: 12/2, virtual on Zoom)
7:00—8:30 pm


Join me at imaginary wells such as wonder, age, imagination, surrender and more. Drawing from far below the surface, allow refreshing insights, wisdom and joy to wash over you.

Each session, in a circle format, will include a brief intro, snippets from the life and wisdom of others, lively conversation among those in attendance and the opportunity to jot notes or sketch briefly and share what you choose. The order may differ each time. Our gatherings will go much too fast.

My hope is that while attending as individuals, a sense of joy in community is fully present.

Each week there will be a handout for participants (or if preferred, an attachment via email) that has additional resources for that week's topic.

Whys of the Well:

Choosing "the well" holds two main meanings for me, from which flow multiple others.

I believe inside each of us is a well of gifts, skills and wise resources that are always there to tap into, yet often left untapped. We forget to trust ourselves because we have been imprinted with the voices of others. I have lived that. This aspect was the original reason I chose Dip Into the Well more than ten years ago when I began coaching, to partner with clients to discover and live into their true selves.

Continuing to play with the metaphor, I started to explore commonly used words...wonder, presence, imagination, possibility and dozens more. I realized that most of the time I use them in a surface, passing context. Stopping to "dip into the well," to explore in more depth what each of these words holds, not just in literal meaning but also for how I choose to live, I found the practice exquisitely shifting my life.

Real water wells are life giving. I believe the same is true of the metaphorical ones, or as I think of them, imaginary places that feel so real. While I shy away from using the word freely, I find healing qualities for my heart, soul and mind. I believe that the uplifting moments at the wells are transformative not just for me but also can be for others, then having a contagion effect in the communities in which we live and work.

Program Details:

Fee: $15 per class
For November and December, this group will meet on Zoom.
Upcoming program dates: 11/11 and 12/2.
To enroll, please email Dawn and she will send you a Zoom link for the gathering. She will also send payment information at that time.
Bring along a notebook or sketchbook.

If there is a group that continues to prefer meeting virtually, I would be delighted to offer a 6-week Zoom gathering. Part of the proceeds will go back to Roots and Wings Branching Out. Dates to be determined. You may email me to let me know of your interest:

(508) 745-2923

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