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"Over the last few years, Susanna has done spiritual and healing work for me and for other members of my family. Her Reiki and intuitive healing sessions have helped with our health and our emotional well-being, and brought us peace during difficult times." -Silvana R., Milford

"I cannot recommend Susanna highly enough. She did a remote Reiki session with me recently and the clarity and relief I felt was so cleansing. She has also done Tarot card readings for me, and she not only was an intuitive guide but gave me so much clarity around where I was getting stuck. I highly recommend having a session with her." -Maria T., Dublin, Ireland

Reiki Practitioner, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Communicator, Reiki and Writing Coach

(508) 308-2674

Susanna Ralli grew up in the Boston area, received her degree at Boston College, and then spent the next three decades working as an editor with Boston area publishers, including Houghton Mifflin Company and Provincetown Arts Press. Alongside this path of words, she has followed a path of spiritual inspiration and creative expression, including work as a playwright. This journey brought her to intuitive healing and communication and, ultimately, her certification as a Reiki practitioner.

While using this ancient healing method as the central focus of her work, she uses a variety of other techniques and mediums, including Tarot and intuitive readings and working with crystals, to align and restore physical and sacred energies. Her Reiki with Writers sessions help writers with all levels of experience to connect with sources of inspiration, establish confidence in their work, and allow creative energies to flow freely.

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