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Supporting the healing process and nurturing the self.

"Deepen your roots and spread your wings."

Reiki and Om Chanting

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I have been a Reiki II practitioner since 2011. Being empathic and sensitive since childhood, I held onto many situations in my life that weren't serving me. I didn't realize how much our environment and surroundings affected me until the recent recession. My clients (I have been a financial professional since 2002) were going through some of their toughest challenges, as was my own family. I realized that I was taking on their pain! It was affecting me physically, spiritually and emotionally. I learned Reiki primarily to help myself, and it was a huge relief! Helping people in other ways became my new focus.

We all take on energies of others, even if we're not empathic, which affects our overall health and happiness. I help people transition with more ease through emotional changes and shifts in their lives. In addition to working with Reiki, I utilize crystal energy healing, a lifelong passion of mine.

Because I have family members and have worked professionally with individuals who have dementia and Down syndrome, I have attracted and helped numerous clients who live with stress from having a family member with special needs. When I'm not healing with Reiki and crystals, I work as a behavior therapist with children who have autism spectrum disorder, ASD.

I approach each Reiki session with warmth and compassion, allowing the release of negative feelings and physical, spiritual and emotional pain that is stuck. Most people leave feeling peaceful and energized. Although one session is very effective, many find that a series of sessions helps them to unblock and heal deeply rooted issues.

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