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I'm so grateful to Dianne. I have had this condition for years, going from doctor to doctor not getting anywhere. For the first time in years I'm feeling so much better, no more stomach pains. Dianne is so compassionate and very knowledgeable. I would recommend Dianne to anyone. I think she is the best."

"After a thorough intake, Dianne had a very clear plan of what she wanted me to do. I willingly agreed to do everything she suggested. Within a few weeks the extreme bloating (I mean I would go from normal to feeling 6 months pregnant in a flash) were disappearing! She has always been available readily for questions and support as I changed my diet and introduced new alternatives and started to feel human again. She goes above and beyond than pretty much any healthcare professional I have ever met with, and more importantly, I am basically symptom free! I feel amazing. She has been a blessing!! Thank you Dianne!!!"

"My celiac diagnosis a little over a year ago turned out to be a total lifestyle change that has proven much harder to negotiate than I had expected. Dianne's advice has been invaluable. As I have come to realize, eating right is a life-long experiment, with lots of ups and downs. Having a trusted source of information is important, and Dianne has filled that role very well for me."

"I was amazed at how much impact even just a few sessions with Dianne had on my eating habits. She really educated me on nutrition in general but more specifically on how to evaluate and 'classify' what I eat. The education has led me to making better, healthier choices about what I eat and how much. I continue to connect with Dianne to help me to sort through all the information that comes my way on nutrition, vitamins, supplements, what foods are good/bad, etc. She is very knowledgeable and keeps up with the current research."

Integrative & Functional Medicine Nutritionists, Gut Health Experts

(508) 930-4886 or (617) 257-3611

"It is more important to know what person has the disease, than what disease the person has."

There are two dietitians at Health Takes Guts, Inc.

Dianne Rishikof, MS, RDN, LDN, IFNCP and Tori Nelson, RDN, LDN

Both see clients one on one to help them regain their health. See below for both practitioner bios.

Tori Nelson, RDN, LDN is a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist, specializing in gut and digestive health for Dianne Rishikof Nutrition, Health Takes Guts® (found at She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from Simmons College. Tori's post graduate experience in nutrition includes training with Dianne in integrative and functional nutrition as well as using her knowledge in a variety of different populations some of which include, eating disorders, hospital clinical, and pediatrics. Tori is currently in pursuit of a Master's degree to advance her knowledge as a dietitian.

Tori's interest in Nutrition stems from her very active lifestyle and realization that what we put in our bodies has a profound effect on our health. After suffering for too long with bowel irregularity, bloating, chronic fatigue, and recurrent mouth ulcers Tori was diagnosed with IBS. With no help from conventional GI doctors Tori knew there must be other solutions. Doing research on her own to find answers led her to integrative and functional nutrition, a philosophy that aims to uncover the root cause of disease. It has become Tori's passion to help others suffering that have had no luck with conventional therapies who are left with nowhere to turn. She believes that through the correct holistic and alternative therapies and the right diet, she can treat the root of digestive issues to improve the health of her clients and help them achieve long-term wellness

You can reach Tori directly at

Dianne Rishikof, is an integrative & functional nutritionist, registered dietitian, and licensed nutritionist. She also has a Masters degree in Nutrition Science and over 12 years of field experience.

Adults and children struggling with digestive disorders, stubborn or confusing digestive symptoms, auto-immune disorders, ADHD, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, Diabetes and MANY other issues would all benefit from her personalized care. Dianne also helps the vaguely un-well or people wanting to retain their health and vitality. Disease progresses on a spectrum and conventional medicine doesn't treat until you are far down on the spectrum. Dianne deals with prevention and reversal before that line is crossed.

Dianne creates customized and comprehensive nutrition solutions based on the unique needs of her individual clients. She takes into account: diet, lifestyle, sleep, exercise, and environmental influences. Dianne offers a wide variety of tests (such as food sensitivity testing, micronutrient testing, metabolic testing, and genetic testing and interpretation) to create targeted treatment plans that work. Dianne offers continuous support, advice and encouragement—in-person and via phone and text—to help you on your journey towards improved health and overall wellness.

Dianne also has her own line of supplements "Health Takes Guts" including a superior multivitamin, a supplement for ADHD, one for healing the gut, and a high quality anti-inflammatory supplement.

You can contact Dianne directly at: Check out the Health Takes Guts® website:

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