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Gena Rider, Bodyworkers, yoga studios, roots and wings, natick, ma

"Gena reassured me the session would be driven by comfortability and she would stop the session at any point upon my request. It was important to have that level of rapport with my 'healer' and Gena was able to understand this concern through the survey I completed prior to my session. Before receiving my initial healing from Gena, I had been experiencing more anxiety related to PTSD that had resurfaced, increased episodes of migraines, poor sleep patterns and an overall feeling of malaise. I found after each session that Gena and I worked through with varying healings as determined by my personal needs, I left with a feeling of uplifting spirit and renewed energy within my mind and body. I often had improved sleep and demonstrated less anxious tendencies and also noted a decrease in the number of migraines."

"I found that 'Reiki' and healing is a healthy way for me to release and open my mind and body for a better way of living and managing my personal ailments. I highly recommend Inner Light Wellness to anyone who has felt traditional interventions have made no difference and truly wants to feel a sense of rejuvenation in their whole self just as I have been fortunate enough to experience for myself." -K

Master Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Biofield Tuning

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Hi, I'm so happy you are here where I can share a little information on my background and how I found my way to Energy Medicine. I am a Master Energy Healer, Reiki Master and Biofield Tuner. I am blessed to be a wife, a mom to two teen boys and a perpetual student of life. A 15 year career in Medical Insurance gave me much insight into the medical field. My active lifestyle didn't lend itself to sitting behind a desk, so I set out to follow my passion for wellness. I became a Certified Fitness Instructor and Franchise Owner and loved working with people every day in their quest for better health and wellness, until chronic back pain sidelined me.

I understand how it feels to be stressed out, drained emotionally, in physical pain and unable to do what you love in life. As a 45 year old fitness professional, after years of cortisone shots, physical therapy, countless medications, and depression; I was facing spine surgery. I believe traditional medicine has its place, yet, reflecting back on my medical underwriting experience, the path toward surgery was not ideal. It became absolutely essential to explore all my options.

I began practicing Reiki in 2008 and felt an amazing sense of relaxation and spiritual connection for both my clients and me. The feeling of moving energy through the body was like nothing I'd ever experienced; a whole new world of holistic medicine was at my fingertips. I began taking Yoga, Acupuncture, learning Acu-mobility and found my pain dissipating and my curiosity increasing. With my additional training in Full Spectrum Healing and Biofield Tuning, I am now able to help others be active, free and loving life.

As a Master Energy Healer, I can help people, just like you, who feel stressed out, drained and in pain to reconnect your energy flow, clear emotional blocks and stimulate your body's inherent ability to heal itself. Your 'Inner Light' begins to shine as you shift into new ways of thinking, expressing yourself and allow old patterns to fall away. This type of healing is a safe complement to conventional Western medicine, Chinese medicine and Homeopathy. Having extra wellness support is such a gift to help you through difficult times.

I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your wellness goals. Thanks for reading about me and please send a message if I can answer any questions for you.

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