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Meghan Margarette & Gregory McConnell, Acoustic Yoga, natick, ma, instructor

"If the soul of yoga is love then music it's voice." -Meghan Margarette

Acoustic Yoga

(508) 904-4406 or (678) 867-5000

Meghan Margarette and Gregory McConnell combine forces creating Acoustic Yoga

Gregory McConnell is a lifelong musician and singer/songwriter.

Music and song writing brought me through a recent series of life-changing events. My connection to self, to my pain, to my acceptance of my role in my circumstances and ultimately and gratefully, my continued recovery and awakening is most personally documented through my song writing and simple open tuning guitar accompaniments. My results were gradual, transformative and continue to broaden and enrich my life and the lives of the people with whom I share my journey. I am passionate about bringing this healing process to others."

Meghan Margarette is a passionate yoga instructor and healer who brings her soft and gentle voice to every class. She has been healing people through Reiki, Meditation and Yoga for 6 years. She is a natural intuitive and guides each class and session to match the needs of whoever is in the room.