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Moon Mother® Level 1 Practitioner Training, Roots & Wings, events, workshops, yoga studio, Natick, MA

Supporting the healing process and nurturing the self.

"Deepen your roots and spread your wings."

with Vanessa

Saturday (special 2-day remote event, Sat & Sun, 7/16-7/17)
8:00 am—6:00 pm



The initiation on the first day activates you as a channel to hold and share the energies of the Divine Feminine we use in the Womb Blessing. The Sacred Feminine energies are needed in the world now more than ever. Women are crying out to connect once again to HER, both within their bodies and in the world around them.

On this 2-day practitioner workshop you will learn connect with:

Your womb energy center

• Your female energy system and its main 3 centers
• To replenish your depleted archetypal energy centers to feel balance.
• To nourish yourself during your pre-menstrual and menstrual phase.
• Mother Nature, the moon and your cycles
• Your personal and spiritual growth
• The energy work behind the Womb Blessing Meditation
• The awaken of dormant aspects of your femininity
• Understanding and supporting your energetic birthing process

You will be empowered to give to other women:

• The Womb Blessing® Attunement in person
• The Womb Healing - Female Energy Balancing (in person and at distance)
• The Cauldron Energizer - To quickly share Divine Feminine energy in big groups.
• Support during the rebirth process.
• The Womb Blessing® as a celebration and rite of passage
• (As a certified Moon Mother, you can offer sessions for which you may charge a fee.)

You will be empowered to share the Divine Feminine energy with the world by:

• Learning about the background and how the Worldwide Womb Blessing® works.
• Sending energy for the Worldwide Womb Blessing® as a Moon Mother® along Miranda Gray and over 6500 Moon Mother
• Bringing healing to the world in the monthly Moon Mother® Full Moon practice
• Bringing healing to the world through the International Moon Mother Healing Book
• Sending the Moon Mother Level 1 symbol for healing

You will also receive:

• A comprehensive manual in your preferred language + access to 3 additional manuals
• An international certificate as an authorised 'Miranda Gray Moon Mother®'

Your details included on the online list of authorized Moon Mothers®
• Access to the Moon Mother® only resources and information
• The Moon Mother logo for use in promotional materials.
• During your 1 month integration period: An email once a week from your teacher to accompany you during the rebirth time.
• Access to the Moon Mother only training circle on FB group.

Note: As a certified Moon Mother®, you will be authorized to offer Personal Womb Blessings and Womb Healings as therapies, for which you may charge a fee. You can offer these therapies alongside other therapies and practices (but you may not mix the techniques).


This is a sacred gathering and professional training, so the student is expected to give her full attention to the class for the two days. Information will be sent out the week prior to the workshop.

The space used for the training should be quiet and private with no other people, children or animals.

You need to make sure you have:

the Zoom application installed and running on your computer or laptop. NOT ON YOUR CELL PHONE
And that you have camera installed and working. (The camera must always be on during the training


There are NO requirements to take part in the workshop, just a heart's call to walk this path! (Students need to be over 18 years old.)

All women, with or without a cycle or a womb, may attend the workshop. Woman in Peri-menopause, menopause or post menopause: walk an easy path in harmony with your femininity, your cyclic nature and your physical changes, and ease your transition into post-menopause by working with the Womb Blessing Energy. Pregnant women: No recommended for women over 4 months of pregnancy. Breast feeding mothers are welcome, but the baby won't be allowed in the same room that you are taking the class in. We suggest to visit the baby if needed during the breaks. Please note that we cannot accurately predict all the break times, and that because this is a practitioner training, to receive the certification the attendees should take part fully in the workshop from beginning to end.


$550 CAD + (applicable fees) / with discount $470 CAD + ( applicable fees) until June 7th 2022 Payment plans available. To learn more or register please contact Giovanna:

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