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Roots & Wings

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Conscious Creations, Guided Meditations, and Fire Ceremony

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Conscious Creations, Guided Meditations, and Fire Ceremony, Roots & Wings, events, workshops, yoga studio, Natick, MA

Supporting the healing process and nurturing the self.

"Deepen your roots and spread your wings."

with Lauren

Saturday (special event with fire ceremony meets 10/22)
(6:30—9:30 pm)

Heartwood & outside

Spend an evening with us as we craft our intentions, go deep with guided meditations to clear blocks and align with our conscious creations.

What to Bring:

Introspective Activities: Journal, and if you like to prepare in advance, think about the intentions you want to set and any shadow work that is ready for the light.

Indoor Comfort and Coziness: Warm socks or slippers as we observe a no shoe policy while inside. Layers as we will keep the windows slightly open to keep the air circulating.

Fire Ceremony: We will be outside for about 30-45 minutes. While the fire will be warm and bright, we suggest you bring warm layers, hat, gloves, scarf and even a blanket and thermos with a warm beverage to help you stay warm and cozy. You are also welcome to bring offerings for the spirits, animals or fire as well as a drum or musical instrument if you would like to add to the closing festivities.

Health, Safety and Courtesy! Please come wearing a quality mask (over your nose and mouth) and be prepared to wear it the entire time while inside so that we can make this a fun, successful and safe event for everyone. Thank you in advance for your support and participation.

(617) 942-1271

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