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Ancestral Healing - Level I , Roots & Wings, events, workshops, yoga studio, Natick, MA

"Diana is a true healer with a humble heart. She has helped me and other members of my family see through the muddle and get to the root cause of our issues. With her guidance, we have been able to heal old wounds and get on with the living of our lives. Thank you Diana - you gave me my Self back. The people in my world are very thankful for that gift but none is more thankful than I." -Karen B., New York

"Diana helped me to see past my wounds and face challenges. Through the years, I had lost my identity and self worth. She helped me to regain my Purpose, shift my perspective, but most importantly - Diana taught me about forgiveness. I feel lighter and walk taller for that. She gently facilitates the healing process and empowers those that she meets; leaving a flame of Compassion burning in their hearts long after the session has ended." -Lauren J., France

with Diana

Saturday (new date: 6/23)
noon—5:00 pm


Do you have gifts, challenges, or beliefs that are difficult to explain? Are their burdens or patterns that your family seems to carry forward from generation to generation? The answer may lie in your family history.

What exactly is ancestral healing? It is a healing of your family tree. There are many spiritual traditions that teach us that our ancestors are alive within us and that their influence can have a profound effect on our lives for good or present us with obstacles to overcome. Our ancestor' s beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions, unresolved issues and even gifts are passed down energetically through our DNA. Understanding and working with this knowledge plays a pivotal role in our evolution. Our ancestors have been waiting for us to do this work not only to heal ourselves, future generations, but to help them evolve as well. If you feel drawn to this course - then chances are your ancestors are calling out to you to step into your Power. They have wisdom to share. In this class, we will explore:

•The import of ancestral healing on our individual and collective consciousness

•The generational pain and messaging that each of us carry and how to heal it

•Your spiritual DNA and the information that it holds

•Ways to heal and transform emotional wounds, trauma, and karma for yourself and future generations

•How to free your Will and reclaim your personal power

•How to have a relationship with your ancestors. How to work them as allies on your spiritual path and more

Lastly, Diana will lead a group ancestral healing ceremony. The ceremony is based upon several shamanic traditions and Hawaiian Huna principals. Join us for this powerful eye-opening class and group healing. Please bring a roll-up or blanket for our healing ceremony and a small family heirloom or picture of an ancestor to the class as a symbol of your family tree.

Cost is $125. Preregistration required. You can learn more on Diana's website and please register through Roots & Wings:

(508) 315-8088

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