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"Working with Cari is both relaxing and empowering. She gets to the root of what is standing in my way, brings awareness to it and helps to clear it in a loving way. Her healing sessions leave me feeling revitalized and truly able to live in the present moment."

with Cari

Saturdays (contact instructor, next: TBD)
9:30—11:30 am


Is there something inside you that feels lost or like something is missing? Do you feel as if there is a hole in your heart and you can't seem to figure out how to feel better? Are you looking for something to take care of yourself that lasts longer than a few days?

Now more than ever, people are feeling a stirring inside them to understand more about who they are and why they are here. This can often feel daunting to people because spiritual or religious practices haven't made you feel better in the past. Or you may have had prior experiences that have impacted your comfort with spiritual experiences. Whatever spiritual or emotional discomfort you are feeling, it is meant to teach you something about who you are.

This class intends to support you in coming to understanding that inner aspect of yourself that is meant to support YOU in your day to day life. Most people don't have access to this. I will guide you in understanding four important principles that help you to use this part of yourself to create ease and joy in your life.

As a healer, I tap into my intuition to assist me in facilitating individuals along their process of understanding their life and why they are here. The purpose of this process is to release tension and blocks, clear, balance and transform energy, reduce stress, increase relaxation and guide individuals to express one's true spirit.

Each class will consist of a discussion about how to use these four principles as well as a guided meditation to help anchor this information into your being. This experience, at the least, will leave you feeling more at peace in your heart. You will also learn how to build a spiritual practice that helps support you in living your fullest life.

Please contact Cari to register. Please refer to my website to learn more about my healing work.

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