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"I am grateful to Melissa and Roots & Wings for offering a free demonstration of Svaroopa Yoga. When I saw that this kind of yoga helps those with pain in knees, back, tail bone and neck, I thought, "Wow, that is for me! I need to go learn about that." So I went, tried it out, and felt it was going to be just what I needed.
"It is now more than 2 years later and I have continued to take weekly classes with Melissa and do private Embodyment/yoga therapy sessions with her too. I also do Ujjayi Pranyamama breathing for 20 minutes, two times a day and Svaroopa yoga once a day...both at home. It has been a life-changing experience: I used to exercise at a gym 3 days a week, now I don't. My new routine is helping me take time to notice, breathe deeply, release muscles I tighten a lot, and go inward.
"I was worried about gaining weight since I wasn't doing aerobic workouts like I did before. I found what Melissa said helpful, "trust your body to know what it needs to consume." Now I am eating less (not wanting so much), and losing weight! Added benefits I didn't expect to receive: dealing with life's stresses better, simplifying my life, and looking forward to my daily breathing and yoga practice. About the pain in those areas I mentioned: it is gone most of the time...and when it recurs, my daily practice helps it go away quickly again."
- Debra G., 46, Ashland

with Melissa

Mondays (NOTE: contact instructor about weekly online classes)
10:00—11:45 am



Classes are online through Zoom. Throughout this challenging COVID-19 period the per-class fee is $18.00. Contact Melissa for Zoom Link

1 hour and 45 min. class, provides a deeper experience. If you are already practicing yoga daily, you are welcome to join us and Lissa will help you decide if this is the right fit for you. Please join us!

For a full 12 week series: $276 Drop-in: $26

Svaroopa Yoga is a unique and transformational style of Hatha Yoga renowned for resolving chronic back pain, and for the cultivation of a quiet mind and peaceful spirit.

By meeting your body exactly where it's at, with supportive props and alignments, long held spinal tension starting at the tail bone, releases, and a new found freedom of movement and living arises.

Svaroopa Yoga focuses on each student's individual needs. This is a hands on class that will help you learn to live in a pain free body and to know how to take care of yourself at the deepest levels.

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